an unofficial guide for the incredible band.
* history *
written by Todd

Summer of 1995 - Lungbutta is formed Marc "Thux" Theodosiou / vocals, Benjamin Herbert (formerly of Deep Fried Fish) / bass, Mac Pautz / guitar, Justin Mulder / drums

June 24, 1995 - Lungbutta's first gig at Jeffrey's Bay (surfer's club)

1996 [unknown date] - Lungbutta releases their first album, "Nasciturus." Track listing: 1. Slide 2. Well Spill 3. Luminous 4. See-Side Town 5. Oxygen 6. Grip 7. Panico 8. Fly Girl 9. The Craving 10. Honestfear

Easter 1997 - Lungbutta plays at the Vodacom Splash Festival's "Shark Rock Concert" at the Shark Rock Pier, near Hobie Beach in Port Elizabeth along with Daylight (Ashton Gardener and Jessica Peens, Adrienne's sister) and Eminent Child (featuring Brad Peens, Jessica's husband) It was one of Ben's last shows. In fact it may have been his last with Lungbutta. Ben also played percussion with Daylight about a week or two before he died. Lungbutta also plays a concert in the parking lot outside a grocery store called "Checkers" called the "Big Fat Free" concert. Also with Daylight and Eminent Child. April 23, 1997 - Ben Herbert dies in a tragic automobile accident; remaining band members stop playing music altogether for around three months time; the band regroups under the name "The Benjamin Gate" as a tribute to their lost friend; Costa Balamatsias is recruited to fill in on bass while Thux remains the band's vocalist

July 12, 1998 - Adrienne Liesching is asked to join the band on her 17th birthday, replacing Thux as vocalist; It is around this time that Lungbutta fan, Chris Poisat is invited to join as well; Thux becomes the band's manager

December 1998 - The band travels eight hours to Fish Hoek in Cape Town and spends the next five days recording eight songs for their first demo, the Spinning Head EP which would be released in 1999. Producer: Paris Lucas

July 1999 - The band repeats the process and records eight songs over nine days, which would become their second release, "Comeputyourheadupinmyheart"; while the album is being mastered in Nashville, it catches the ear of an EMI record executive who signs the band to a five-record deal; After much prayer over the matter, Justin Mulder decides to step down as drummer for The Benjamin Gate; Brett Palmer joins the band just before "Comeputyourheadupinmyheart" is released and is also featured on the inner album sleeve although he does not play on any of the tracks.

[unknown date] 2000 - The Benjamin Gate return to Paris Studios to demo new material in preparation for their first album on Forefront Records

Summer 2000 - Recording for "Untitled" begins; sessions in July at SABC Studio 1 in Port Elizabeth and in August at Earful Sound in Franklin, TN are mixed in November 2000 and early 2001; Producer - Michael Quinlan. Adrienne was sick during the recording and her vocals were sounding less than perfect. Running out of time for the recording, Adie flew over by herself to do the vocals in TN at Earful Sound.

April 2, 2001 - The Benjamin Gate arrive in the USA to begin touring with Earthsuit and Ill Harmonics; they also join the Newsboys on Festival Con Dios

May 22, 2001 - "Untitled" is released by Forefront Records

Summer 2001 - Brett Palmer, unhappy with life on the road, decides to step down as drummer for The Benjamin Gate; The band continues with replacement drummers Jason [?] (of the band Mukala) and Matt Payne (of All Star United); Adrienne's friend from Capetown, Nick Volsteedt (formerly of Naked Lyric) is invited to join the band

Winter 2001 - Recording for "Contact" begins; sessions last from December 2001 - January 2002, recorded at Earful Studios in Brentwood, TN; Producer - Michael Quinlan

December 25, 2001 - The Benjamin Gate spend their first Christmas away from Port Elizabeth. A South African Christmas in Nashville. They enjoy a home-cooked Christmas dinner at Mac and Suzanna's.

March 2002 - The band returns to South Africa for a three-week vacation

July 2, 2002 - "Contact" is released.

September 13, 2002 - The Benjamin Gate join Festival Con Dios and tour to support "Contact"; Adrienne meets Jeremy Camp

September 14, 2002 - Adrienne sprains her ankle and continues touring anyway

December 2002 - The band returns to South Africa for a much-deserved vacation; a band meeting is held in which it is decided for the band to break up

February 2003 - The band resumes touring in the USA

April 2003 - Adrienne and Jeremy Camp announce their engagement with a wedding to be held in December in Port Elizabeth, SA.

May 20, 2003 - The announcement is made that the band will be breaking up; November 2nd tentatively set as the terminal date

September 14, 2003 - The Benjamin Gate plays their last performance in Denison, TX. Dissolution of The Benjamin Gate is signed by everyone. Also goodbye's are said to Nick as he flies off on his expedition in LA to pursue his acting/modeling career.

September 20, 2003 - Mac, Suzanna and Winona leave for England to begin their new life. Adie has already gone to be with her fiance Jeremy Camp. The wedding is planned to be held in the USA.