1. Blow My Mind
2. Heaven Pan II
3. Rush
4. Hands
5. Falling Up
6. Grow Alive
7. Secret
8. All Over Me
9. Blow My Mind
($20 Monster Mission Remix)
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About the Album:
When this album is being mastered in Nashville, it catches the ear of an EMI record executive who signs the band to a five-record deal; After much prayer over the matter, Justin Mulder decides to step down as drummer for The Benjamin Gate; Brett Palmer joins the band just before "Comeputyourheadupinmyheart" is released and is also featured on the inner album sleeve although he does not play on any of the tracks

Blow My Mind ($20 Monster Mission Remix) was "Done by a friend of Paris' in Cape town. I think his name was Jason and his nick-name was "red"???? I might be wrong tho... I think he's in London right now tho... maybe in the club scene doing stuff???" according to Adrienne.

More Info:
Released: July 1999
The Benjamin Gate is:
Adrienne Liesching - vocals
Marc Pautz - guitars & effects
Chris Poisat - guitars & effects
Costa Balamatsias - bass & additional guitars
Justin Mulder - drums & percussion
Additional musician: Suzanna Pautz - keys & synths
Additional sonic treatments: Thux
Lyrics: Adrienne & Thux
Security: Mabaleng
Recorded and mixed over a 9 day period in July, at Paris Studios, Fish Hoek, Cape Town.
Engineered, recorded and mixed by Paris Lucas
Produced by Thux, Paris & The Benjamin Gate.
Remix by R.E.D. Fish Hoek, Cape Town,
Mastered & edited by Erik Wolf @ Wolfmastering, Nashville, TN
design & graphics: Jeremy Douglas-Jones & Jamie Bell @ Gate 7
photography: Tamarin Filen