1. Lift Me Up Choose Speed:
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2. This Is Not
3. The Calling
4. Do What You Say
5. Overkill
6. Need
7. Light
8. Your Kisses Blind Me 
9. Tonight
10. Gratitude
11. The Way You Are
12. Violently
13. Fall Away
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About the Album:
Revolutionary times bring about revolutionary ideas. For South Africa's top rock import, The Benjamin Gate, clicking the age counter in a nation facing historic changes - including the end of apartheid and the country's first democratic elections - stirred this female-fronted five-piece to the conviction that boundaries don't exist when it comes to life, hope, and imagination. Though not a political band, The Benjamin Gate makes the case for living a zealous life as they power out a musical style that emulates their own empowering message. Inspired to the hilt, The Benjamin Gate best manifests their compelling creative paradigm with their sophomore effort, Contact.

Yet as Untitled highlighted several Euro-pop touches, Contact finds its focus upping the tempo and energy for a more dynamic and daring rock release. Vibrant vocals, masterful melodies, and hard-stacked hooks all come together to give Contact a passionate, guitar-driven clash of rocket-fueled pop and searing six-string distortion. Contact soars with a raw vitality that opts for an energized live feel over the confined sterility of the overtly primmed and polished.

“We wanted Contact to have a raw, organic edge,” says the 20-year-old Adrienne. “The guys in the band love effects, and they filtered that influence into a more rock sound. We also had fun playing around with different sounds and approaches to the songs. In the end, we want to take the special element we have performing live - a passionate, energetic, melodic, guitar heavy show - and translate them onto the album.”

For The Benjamin Gate, a progressive sound comes with progressive lyrical themes, Contact being no exception. The attitude-filled "Do What You Say" challenges the tongue-flapping flakes of this world to walk their talk, while "The Calling" offers a warm tribute to all the talented people they've met and, as Adrienne says, "encourages people not to turn away from their talents because they're afraid of the future." The poetry of a beautiful day lifts the spirit in the dazzling "The Way You Are," while the notion that love is blind takes center stage on the metaphoric "Your Kisses Blind Me." Finally, for those especially trying times, Contact gives you "Violently," a power-packed ringer that calls us to unite and fight for what we believe in.

Regarding the impact that touring has had, Adrienne comments, "Performing so many shows has helped me capture more emotional content1 into my vocals. It's also helped better my vocal performance in terms of expressing more passion and offering stronger melodies."

Whereas Untitled proved a picture-perfect introduction to South Africa's hottest, Contact defines The Benjamin Gate with a vigorous energy and unbound creativity that makes them rising stars. Forged through personal upheaval in a land of revolutionary changes, The Benjamin Gate has a creative drive and higher purpose that come together brilliantly on the 12-songs that make Contact a hit.

More Info:
Released: 7/02/02
This cd has an enhanced portion that contains a photo gallery, wallpapers, etc.
The Band:
Vocals: Adrienne Liesching
Guitar: Mac Pautz & Chris Poisat
Bass: Costa Balamatsias
Drums: Nick Volsteedt
All Songs Written by the Benjamin Gate except “Violently,” “Lift Me Up,” “Need,” “Your Kisses Blind Me,” and “This Is Not” written by the Benjamin Gate & Quinlan
“Overkill” written by Colin Hay.
All Arangements by the Benjamin Gate & Quinlan
All Lyrics by: Adrienne & Thux
Producer: Quinlan
Executive Producers: David Bach & Charlie Peacock
Recorded and Mixed by: Shane Wilson at Earful Sound, Brentwood,TN.
Tracked and Recorded from 12/2001 - 01/2002.
Programming, Editing and Additional Guitar & Vocals: Quinlan
Drum Tech of the Year: Ben Phillips
Mastered by: Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound
Digital Editing: Shawn Andrews
Photography: Tony Baker
Art Direction: Scott McDaniel
Design: TH
Management: Marc “Thux” Theodosiou
Live Sound & Effects: Thux

Contact’s original track layout was to be
1. Lift Me Up 2. Need 3. Do What You Say 4. Overkill 5. The Way You Are 6. This Is Not 7. The Calling 8. Your Kisses Blind Me 9. Light 10. Tonight 11. Violently 12. Fall Away
Their record label told the band to go back and make “The Calling” more radio friendly. Resulting the present track listing and making the original version of “The Calling” the bonus track.